How To Make Your Own Candy Apple Buffet Bar at Home

万圣节也许已经过去了,但焦糖苹果糖仍然风靡一时. 现在是参观当地农贸市场或苹果园的绝佳机会,利用它们的最后收获. You can bring home dozens of fresh, 当地种植的各种苹果,价格低至一美元的几美分.

The best part is, there is so much you can do with an apple surplus! But why not try something different this year? After all, apple pies and cobblers are so conventional. So, put your apple hoard to good use and 用自制的糖果苹果棒来款待你的孩子和客人是很有趣的!


Dessert Catering Peach Tree City Georgia
Dessert Catering Peach Tree City Georgia

How to Build Your Candy Apple Bar Spread

最令人兴奋的部分是为你的朋友和家人制作你自己的糖果苹果棒,挑选所有有趣的成分. 如果你仔细想想,基本上e世博网站用任何你喜欢的方式装扮一个蜜糖苹果. 从传统的装饰如糖屑和坚果到奢侈的装饰如奥利奥饼干和切碎的士力架, 当购物的时候,你真的可以让你的想象力自由飞翔!

For the base coat toppings, you can stick with the traditional caramel topping, e世博网站自己在炉子上融化黄油和焦糖来做出来, 或者e世博网站购买专门为苹果蜜饯设计的即食焦糖装饰. 除了焦糖,还可以e世博官方网站加热巧克力、白巧克力或太妃糖! Both are great for both drizzling and dunking!

除了所有美味的配料和装饰,你的糖果苹果棒, you will need the basics, which include your apples, wooden chopsticks or kebab skewers, dinner sized paper plates, two medium-size serving bowls, and a muffin tin for all of your topping selections.

This is a messy project, especially if you are entertaining children, 所以一定要准备足够的餐巾纸和湿纸巾! 如果你想减少混乱,可以e世博官方网站把苹果切成薄片,然后按惯例泡一下,再装饰一下.

Custom Catering Services Georgia
Custom Catering Services Georgia

What You Will Need:

🍎 2 Medium-Size Bowls for Your Caramel & Hot Fudge Topping
🍎 Muffin Tin for Your Toppings
🍎 Wooden Chopsticks or Kebab Skewers
🍎 Dinner-Sized Paper Plates
🍎 Napkins & Moist Towelettes
🍎 Caramel
🍎 Hot Fudge

Topping Inspirations:

🍏 Edible Glitter or Gold Flakes
🍏 Edible Pearls
🍏 Cake Décor Lettering
🍏 Rainbow Sprinkles
🍏 Chocolate Sprinkles
🍏 Chocolate Chips
🍏 Graham Crackers
🍏 M&M’s Candy
🍏 Pop Rocks Candy
🍏 Shredded Coconut
🍏 Nuts Of Any Variety
🍏 Marshmallows
🍏 Raisins
🍏 Dried Fruit
🍏 Crumbled Cookies
🍏 Chopped Candy Bars
🍏 Chopped Peppermint Candies
🍏 Chocolate Drizzle (White, Dark or Milk)

Set Up is Simple!

Set up your candied apple buffet bar on a table or countertop, placing the paper plates at the front of the line. 用筷子或烤肉串预先戳一下你所有的苹果,因为这有时会分散客人的注意力,而且可能对儿童有害. When it comes to building a custom candy apple, simply dip an apple into your choice of melted topping, then place on a paper plate and sprinkle on your desired garnishes!

你是否正在寻找可以为你即将到来的场合提供个性化菜单的定制餐饮服务? Contact Food for Thought Catering at to speak with a friendly and experienced Peach Tree City catering service manager, today.

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Food for Thought Catering
Food for Thought Catering

Safety Reminders for Feeding a Large Crowd This Thanksgiving

Preparing appetizers, sides, meals, desserts, and beverages for the entire family, and possibly even extended family, is a big job to take on. But you have years of Thanksgiving Day food preparation experience. Nonetheless, it is important to remind yourself of safe food handling, prepping, serving, and storing just to ensure your crowd is protected this year. 毕竟,为一小群人准备食物和为一大群人准备食物是有很大区别的.


Thanksgiving Catering Services Georgia
Thanksgiving Catering Services in Georgia

Safe Catering Practices Start With Cleanliness

当涉及到大规模的食物准备时,首要的经验法则是清洁. Washing hands, sanitizing cooking stations and surfaces, cleaning dishes, 将两者与生的和生的食物分开是安全饮食的关键.

洗手可以消除通过食物传播细菌和疾病的可能性. Our hands touch our faces over 1000 times a day! 当服侍一大群人的时候,你永远不知道谁更容易生病,谁不会. 在准备食物时保持双手清洁,避免通过食物传播流感或病毒,并可能感染数百人. 

Sanitizing all cooking stations, cookware, dishes, and utensils is also a very important component to safe catering.  It is necessary to be sure all skillets are clean and dry, 任何与食物准备有关的东西都要经过检查.  盘子必须清洗和干燥,餐具也需要清洁.  It is a good idea to avoid plastic utensils to help the environment!  By having all these items clean and functioning properly, it avoids contamination and the spread of food-borne illnesses.

Be Sure Your Food Stuffs are Fresh

在为大量人群准备食物之前,对变质或受污染的食品进行双重检查是很重要的. 流浪动物或昆虫有可能在前往场所或商店的通勤途中获得食品. Fresh food is key to safe cooking and dining. Other than food freshness, it is necessary to ensure that deep fryers have fresh oil in them,  and that all coolers and refrigerators are working properly.

Catering Tips for Children

为包括孩子在内的一大群人准备食物需要额外的注意. 由于这是一个如此庞大的群体,就口味偏好而言,运用多数决定原则是很重要的. 要满足孩子们的口味,只需使用少量和简单的原料. 孩子们都是挑食的,所以简单的手抓食物是让孩子们在吃饭时娱乐的好方法, and gives the adults a break from having to feed them! 就安全而言,消除儿童食品中可能出现的骨头或其他令人窒息的危险是至关重要的. 鸡腿应该换成鸡爪,苹果片也应该换成苹果酱. Small ideas like these are safe meals for children in large crowds.

Place Your Order for Thanksgiving Day Catering in Newnan, GA

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Food for Thought Catering
Food for Thought Catering

Why You Should Hire a Catering Company for an Important Occasion

With any important or large event, catering can certainly enhance the theme and ambience for your guests.  Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, or other celebration, 聘请专业的餐饮公司对主人来说是非常有益的.  继续阅读下面的文章,了解在你今年的活动或庆祝活动中雇佣专业餐饮公司最有价值的原因!

Holiday Catering Services in Georgia
Holiday Catering Services in Georgia

Organization of Catered Events

Managing meals for an event, especially a large one, can be confusing, stressful, and very time consuming.  如果你必须处理活动中食物部分的所有细节, you would have to quit your job in order to remain sane!  This is because a professional catering company, when hired on, 会处理所有的事情,包括组织活动的用餐部分.  他们将为员工、工作人员、场地经理和客人提供预先计划好的行程.  Also, the catering company will organize all the arrangements for the menus, meal preparation, dining room set up and breakdown, and delegate to the staff and managers properly.

Professional Resources and Equipment

If you were to self-cater an event, especially for a large crowd, 你必须购买所有必要的设备和用品才能成功地完成这项工作.  Supplies and equipment could include pan carriers, silverware, dishes, hot plates, ice caddies, tablecloths, chafing dishes, cooking supplies, groceries, and more!  他们也有厨师和工作人员管理和工作的活动,以顺利和优雅的食物.

Assorted Menu Options

有了专业的餐饮公司,食物菜单的选择往往是无止境的.  On your own, 你将被限制在选择e世博网站做的食物和你在活动中可以做的食物.  A professional caterer has menus and food item options to choose from, so all you have to do is decide what food you want served from a list.  The chef, staff, and company will take care of everything else.

Where to Order Custom Party and Event Catering in Newnan, GA

Call Food for Thought Catering at for quality party and event catering in Newnan, Georgia. 我们为所有行业、场合、活动等提供广泛的餐饮服务. Choose from our popular catering menu, 或与我们的餐饮协调员合作,根据您的特殊需要和兴趣定制菜单. We can also provide assistance with décor, themes, vendors, and more! Request a free estimate, information, or advice, today!

Food for Thought Catering
Food for Thought Catering